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Alliance Book Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the India's leading suppliers of foreign and Indian journals/e-journals/e-books & databse on a variety of subjects like Research and development, management, medical, engineering, business, computer science, mathematics, educational and other. We have been dedicatedly catering to various universities, research and development organizations, scholars, libraries, students, professionals, business firms etc.

We are working since 1996 and experience of handling 1000s of journals like Nature, Science, British Medical Journal, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Engineering, Journal of Business Managmenet etc. 170 publishers like Elsevier Science, Springer Verlag, Japan Pub Trading Corp, Nature Pub group, IEEE, IEE, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press to name a few and more than strong client base like National Medical Library, IVRI, GB Pant Almora, Jamia Milia University, National Library, Indian Oil Corporation, NSIT, Geological Survey of India. Aren't we really fast growing?

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