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Present Client Services

Same Subscription Rate: We charge same gross prices stipulated by the publishers. We will not charge any extra amount for packaging, forwarding & postage etc.

Fast Remittance to Publishers: We shall process your subscription and arrange remittances to the publishers normally within 30 days from the date of receiving your order.

Delivery of Journals at no Extra Cost: We deliver the journals at your doorstep either by hand or courier at no extra cost and keep the complete information about your receipt /non-receipt of the issues.

Mode of Supply: Journals will be delivered within 15 to 20 days of publication if that subscription uses Air mail. It will take 20 to 40 days by Air fright and 30 to 60 days by surface mail. (We already have a P.O. Box in USA to collect the journals published nearby and send the lot once in a week to our corporate office by airmail).
Refund for Missing Issues: We automatically remind the concern publisher about missing issue, if any. Refund for unsupplied issues or compensate for the missing issues by extending the subscription period depending on the publishers' refund policy.

We offer flexible Terms and Conditions (Download the file) of payment, conversion rates etc to suit your requirements. Please read it.

Ordering through our agency is cost effective and it also reduces your problems of serial acquisition. As we deal with all the publishers round the globe and as we pursue for missing & non supplied issues, you will simply have a hassels free subscription. If you have any further query, you may please contact us by phone on +91-11-26271901/02 or call at any time on 9810720133 (Mr. Kuntal Dhar, Director), 9810094431 (Mr. Subrata Dhar, MD) or email to, or Fax to +91-11-26271533.

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Publishers Services

We know, handling bulk orders of subscriptions is not a matter of joke. It becomes more difficult when you have to take care of your primary job- publishing, which is really a big deal. You need to set up a full fledged department for subscription processing only - you have to take care of the distribution, track the missing issues, overdue issues, payment status... many other related problems. Obviously, these cost a lot in bucks besides the headache you have to bear.

This is where we can stand by your side. We already have a distribution service running efficiently throughout India. Moreover, we are a subscription agency, so handling subscription properly is actually our job. We have a post box in USA also. So for any publisher nearby, the only job will be to send the subscribed journals to that PO Box, all the rest will be taken care of by us. We have been giving services to the subscribers since 1996, naturally, we know what kind of problems a subscriber can face and how to overcome/ rectify it. Don't you think it will be much wiser to rely on such an agency instead of taking so many hassels of subscriber handling by yourself ?

Just see what our clients (subscribers) say about us and then decide.

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Mail us at or ring us at 011-22811856 / 011-22817533.

Your enquiry is most welcome.

We look forward to a long and fruitful association with all our clients and assure them of best services, always.


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